The Process of Research Writing

Steven D. Krause, Eastern Michigan University

Version 1.0,Spring 2007



The Web Site

Originally, I was going to create an elaborate and interactive site-- perhaps powered by something like Wordpress or a wikisoftware or something--but I frankly lost patience and lacked the time. You've got to remember: this is a 200+ page manuscript with all kinds of formatting embedded in it. That's a lot of coding to make it nice and clean html.

So, what's here for each chapter are a PDF versions of the MS Word files and HTML files that I exported from Apple's word processor, Pages (it seems to be a bit better than HTML files created from MS Word, but just barely). I'm not anticipating any changes to the site, but if it suddenly becomes wildly popular and I get a lot of positive feedback on it, maybe I'll invest some more time and effort.